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Locator Map: A white rectangle denotes an area just inland from the west central shore of the Big Island.
Kona coffee has a reputation for being one of the finest coffees in the world for good reason. There are many coffee growers and roasters on the Big Island, but only a few of them produce the best-quality coffee. Greenwell Farms is one of them. They had a tasting bar similar to those you see in wineries. The coffee was so good that we both enjoyed it black; we never take it that way at home. They had a very informative walking tour, and of course we stocked up before we left.
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Maria, in STIC t-shirt and tan shorts, stands smiling, with Bella, in front of an outdoor t-shirt and cap display against the back wall of the Greenwell Farms store.
Maria and Bella at the apparel shop behind the Greenwell Farms store.
Greenwell Farms is on the lower western slope of Mauna Loa, just northeast
of the town of Captain Cook.

A ramshackle blue-framed open structure with a flat metal scale on the floor and a sign hanging from the roof that says 'Greenwell Coffee Cherry Farms'.
The Greenwell Farms weigh station. The flat metal plate on the floor is the scale
where bags of freshly-picked coffee "cherries" are brought to be weighed by
various local growers.

Just-picked coffee fruit, called "cherries", on the floor of the weigh station.
These were delivered by other coffee farmers.

Coffee 'cherries' in various stages of ripeness from green to bright red, hang in rows along twigs on a central branch, against a backdrop of dense green leaves.
Coffee fruit on the tree in the Greenwell Farms display orchard.

A low mound of tens of thousands of dusty red coffee 'cherries' halfway fills a 4 ft. by 4 ft. by 3 ft. deep gray metal bin.
Coffee "cherries" drying in the open sun.

Looking down on a square gray tank filled nearly to the top with pebble-like greenish tan coffee beans, covered with a thin layer of clear liquid and floating white foam.
Coffee beans, removed from the red skins, fermenting to dissolve away the slimy,
sugary fruit.

Coffee trees in the Greenwell Farms display orchard; the tree on the left is featured
in the close-up picture above.

Beyond the intersection of two narrow asphalt roads, a green lawn slopes gently down to some kind of shack that breaks up a row of banana 'trees'
This structure is at Greenwell Farms. I don't know what it is, but I thought it made
a nice picture.

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