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I am always looking, and grateful, for any input that anyone has on this website and on any of the families included here. Please feel free to contribute anything at any time.

That being said, at any given time I am working on particular aspects of the family history. This page will keep you up to date on what I'm working on at the moment.


December 31, 2016 - Fixed typos and corrected minor errors in the following pages: "Early Origins", "The Colonial Years", "Westward, Ho!", "Indiana Dibbles", and "Indiana Dibbles in the Civil War", and to some of the related footnotes.

January 15, 2017 - Added this page and the link to it on the main page; added a link to the Indiana Dibbles in the Civil War page to the main page.

January 22, 2017 - Based on information in the Howe Genealogies by Daniel Wait Howe, I've completely rewritten the "Howe Now?" and "Solving Sylvanus while Hunting for Harvey" footnotes referenced in "The Colonial Years", Westward, Ho!" and "Indiana Dibbles".

Although I do have some lingering issues with this book (which I've explained in the "Notes on Sources" page), I must concede that the Silas and Abigail Howe who are buried in Patriot cemetery in Switzerland County, Indiana, were probably the parents of Sarah Howe, the wife of John Dibble of Stamford, CT who came to Indiana in the 1830s. The story of that marriage involves a man in his twenties forming a relationship with a pre-teen girl who moved hundreds, and then a thousand, miles away from him, before returning to Stamford at least five years later to marry him, all this in a time long before railroads were invented, and when even ordinary dirt roads did not connect New England to upstate New York or to southeastern Indiana. That story still seems improbable to me, but there is other evidence to support it.

June 4, 2017 - Addition of information on the North, Smith and Eastman families (the latter two families contained ancestors of Ann Eliza Smith, wife of Jonathan Dibble of Minnesota) to the "Westward, Ho!" page, with an alleged photo of Ann's father Daniel Smith. Major updates to the "War and the Great White North" page, with more information on the following families:


There is much more information on Jonathan Dibble's military service and farm life, more on the history of Goodhue County, and more on Dell Nook. Several new images were also added.

February 26, 2018 - Additions concerning the Ahlers and Aslakson families to the "War and the Great White North" page, as well as a new photo of the young children of Alonzo Dibble. Significant additions to "The Scandinavian Connection" concerning the Halden, Morud, Johnson and Kvern families. Major updates of the "Big Farms, Little Towns on the Prairie" page, with new images and much more information on the following families:


In addition, many errors were corrected and some "mysteries" were explained.

May 5, 2019 - Complete revision of the "From Russia (or Poland?) with Love" page, including a wealth of new material that traces the Orzechowski/Flak family potentially back as far as 1800, as well as some new images. As a result, some previously existing material was moved: Information on the marriages and children of Stephan ("Steve") Orzechowski's kids was moved to the "Between Two Wars" page; notes on the deaths of Stephan and his wife Mary were moved to the "Current Affairs" page.

June 7, 2019 - Complete rewrite of the "Abigail Reacher" footnote concerning George Dibble of East Hampton's second marriage to a woman named Abigail, based on a correction provided by Corey family researcher David A. Cory. Also, The "Early Origins" page was modified to show that the first Dibble reference in East Hampton was in 1697, not 1699.

September 26, 2020 - Corrections and additions to the descendants of Olive Dibble Hall (the Brown family) in the "Current Affairs" page (thanks very much to Tom Brown Jr).

March 28, 2021 - Additions of a great deal of new information, and some corrections, concerning families and events covered in the "Big Farms, Little Towns on the Prairies" page. Much of this takes the form of inumerable little details about the lives of many of our characters, gleaned from exhaustive searches of late 19th and early 20th century newspaper archives. I have, for example, advanced a theory about what happened to Minnesota "Minnie" Dibble's husband, Harvin C. Penney, after Minnie died; added a deep analysis of the property owned by Richard "Dick" Dibble of Cannon Falls (in a long footnote) and learned more about his business partners; collected a little more on Dick's brother Nathan; added a lot more information on the Ahlers family (relatives of Alonzo's first wife, Louisa Ahlers); provided a new footnote about Cannon Falls baseball; added more information, including a footnote on Polish origins, on the Cichy (formerly referred to here as "Chiecke") family from which came Rosa Cichy, the mother of Clarence Casper Johnson, and more on the Johnson family's landholdings; and much much more. I've also added a large number of new images, mostly photographs of family members provided by Sarah Fayas, a descendant of Sarah Dibble Conley, a daughter of Alonzo Dibble of Cannon Falls, MN. A couple of images were replaced with better options as a result, but the total number of images on this page was increased by about 15. As preparation for finally getting started in earnest on revising the next page, I've set a firm end date of December 31, 1913 for events recorded on the "Big Farms, Little Towns on the Prairie" page, and as a result some material from after that date was removed. (Well, almost firm; there is one image on the page that got past the deadline. I just didn't have a better option to replace it.) I've also added new images to other pages ("War and the Great White North" now has a photo of Alonzo Dibble's first wife, Louisa Ahlers, and the photo of Lewis Conley in later life that was there was replaced with a photo of his house in Kossuth, IA. There's also a great corroded old tintype photo of Alonzo Dibble, age 24, and a photo of Alonzo's mother, Mary Howe Dibble, on the "Westward, Ho!" page.

April 25, 2021 - Additional information on George Kowitz, son of Ferdinand Kowitz, Jr, and his family, including his meat market business in Zumbrota and his move to La Crosse, Wisconsin, added to "Big Farms, Little Towns on the Prairie".

January 16, 2022 - Additional details on the family of Charles Albert Johnson, uncle of Clarence Casper Johnson, added to "Big Farms, Little Towns on the Prairie".

January 23, 2022 - Correction and new footnote on when Casimir, son of Steve Orzechowski, may have changed his name to Flak, added to "From Russia (or Poland?) with Love".

May 1, 2022 - Additional information on Hattie Bell Coplin, sister of Ella Coplin, and her second marriage, added to "Big Farms, Little Towns on the Prairie".


Rewriting of the "Between Two Wars" page continues. The page will be vastly larger than it is now. Much of the new information comes from newspaper sources, both at and at the Minnesota Historical Society. I've also received many family photos from Glee Stark, a granddaughter of Glee Dibble, sister of Archie. These include tintypes of Ann Eliza Smith Dibble, first wife of Jonathan Dibble, Archie's grandfather. I'm very excited about getting all of this uploaded on the website in the early part of 2022.

(April 2021 Note) I have more images of Indiana Dibbles from Sarah Fayas that I haven't used, and she has more material that she hasn't yet had time to go through, so there may be even more coming. But I really need to buckle down now and get going on the rewrite of the "Between Two Wars" page, for which I have a vast wealth of new information. A few years ago I received a copy of the survey Archie Dibble filled out for the Minnesota War Records Commission concerning his service during World War I. That record shows that the "Between Two Wars" description of Archie's service is completely wrong, because I had him with the wrong outfit. He actually saw combat with Company B of the 2nd. Engineers; he was only transferred to Company A of the 7th. Engineers after the armistice. This information plus letters written by Archie that were published in the Cannon Falls Beacon led me to do extensive research to try to learn exactly where Archie served and where he was wounded. I've also made an exhaustive effort to research the World War I activities of all of our other characters, and will be working to get similar information on their World War II experiences. All of this will be included, along with many new details on the daily lives of our family members, and many new images will be added.

Minnesota Families

I've made extensive notes on corrections and additions to be made to the "Westward Ho!" and "War and the Great White North" pages, but I have firmly resolved to focus on "Between Two Wars" now. After that, I plan to expand and update the "Current Affairs" page, which should probably be reorganized to include only information up to the end of the 20th. century, and to create a new separate page for 21st. century developments. I tentatively hope to have the new "Between Two Wars" page done by the end of 2021--but don't hold me to it.

Still coming eventually:

An effort to identify the lines of other Dibbles who were in Minnesota contemporaneously with the brothers Jonathan and Alonzo.

A separate page on German ancestors, including the Kowitz, Ahlers, and Granke families.

Lamb Binders Index

I've been working off and on (mostly off, lately) to produce an index of every single person's name that appears in the Van Buren Lamb binder pages that were scanned to PDF by George W. Dibble III. This is a huge project, but I'm pretty close to completing the index for the first binder. It may be that I won't be able to focus much on this project until after my retirement.

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