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The Descendants of Archibald Richard Dibble and Their Families
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This is YOUR page!

That's right! Any Dibbles* who would like to put something on this page may send text or images by e-mail to the kindly gentleman pictured here. He will put your stuff up here for all of us to see, enjoy, ridicule, or question the political correctness or utilitarian value thereof.

If you don't know the e-mail address, get it from Dick, Dave, or Rich. It's not posted here because Internet junkmailers will suck it up and start sending me all sorts of unsavory stuff.

Some things you might put up here are:

Bullet: a large red dotPhotographs or original artwork
Bullet: a large red dotPoems
Bullet: a large red dotStories
Bullet: a large red dotJokes
Bullet: a large red dotQuotations
Bullet: a large red dotFamily news
Bullet: a large red dotQuestions for knowledgeable family members
Bullet: a large red dotAnything else you can think of!

I will try to figure out how best to display your stuff based on what it is, but there are some interesting possibilities. For example, we have created a lot of pages for households or individuals.

Alyssa's Place
Dave's Page
Dick's Page (Includes the Debate Topic of the Week)
Ken's Page
Maria's Page
Rich's & Carolyne's Page

We also have a couple of special topic pages:

Dibble History
The Joke Page

Another thing we can do is use pictures as "buttons" to get to other parts of the website. Try clicking on several of the pictures you see around here.

Take a look around at what's been done so far, and let me know what you'd like to see.

The sky's the limit!
E-mail me something!

*That is, any Dibbles who are part of this particular Dibble family.