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March 12, 1999

Jesse Ventura--the individual and the symbol

Rules of discussion: Make points (50 words or less per point) in any of the 4 categories below. Respond to points made by others to points, respond to responses, or respond to responses to responses (maximum 4 levels deep, 50 words per point). The first categories try to distinguish between the “good” and “bad” decisions, actions, statements, etc that Jesse has made as his own unique type of individual in the role as governor. The last categories try to list the benefits and drawbacks of the ascension into the political status quo of a renegade, shoot-from-the-hip type of politician (or whatever you see Jesse Ventura representing).

Category 1. Good points of Jesse Ventura’s decisions as candidate and governor.

Dick says: He told the unwed mothers it is not the state's responsibility to fund them. They should be responsible for their own actions.

Category 2. Bad points of Jesse Ventura’s decisions as candidate and governor.

Dave says: As far as I can tell, his campaign was run, not so much on substance or even telling the electorate where he stood, as much as on obfuscation, popularity, and public discontent.

Dick says: Financially he has not provided any leadership in budget adjustments, but has accepted most of that handed him.

Category 3. Good points of Jesse as a maverick, independent politician.

Dave says: His election helped diminish the public perception that only people from the standard polical molds have the suitable skills to serve as legislative and executive representatives.

Category 4. Bad points of Jesse as a maverick, independent politician.

Dick says: As a maverick he still appoints entrenched politiciians to positions of responsibility.

This topic will be available for discussion for one week. Send your replies to Ken; they will be posted here.

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January 15, 1999

I heartily recommend The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw. It's a best seller and even a dyed-in the-wool liberal can't find fault with it.

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