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Black and white photo of the Dibble 'Homestead' in Quercus Grove, IN

The Dibbles of Indiana are a large and fertile clan about which very good records have been kept. To keep the confusion to a minimum, the lists below are organized by generations. The children of John and Sarah, those hardy emigrants from Connecticut, are listed first, with their own children. Then their children's children are listed with their offspring. Then those children are listed with their kids, and so on. (There is probably a better way to do this, and when it is discovered, it will be implemented.)

John and Sarah's Children and Grandchildren

John and Sarah's son Henry J. Dibble, Sr. (9/7/1818 - 3/28/1901) married Harriet Searcey (11/12/1822 - 2/6/1912) on 11/1/1841. In 1845, Henry and Harriet moved to Quercus Grove, in Switzerland County, and established what became known as the "Dibble Homestead". Their children included:

Moses Dibble (10/19/1842 - 2/6/1912)

William H. Dibble (11/25/1844), married Lucy Kerr on 12/16/1869. They moved to Kansas.

Charles E. Dibble (5/1/1847 - 11/11/1933), married Luella Cheever on 6/2/1878.

Mary Dibble (7/1/1849 - 1/31/1922), married Irvin Ford on 12/29/1868. They moved to Oklahoma.

Stephen Dibble (born 1/27/1852), married Jenny Galbraith.

Edgar Dibble (11/12/1853 - 1945), married Rebecca J. Powell (1863 - 1950) on 10/21/1884. They had one son, Howard Powell Dibble (1893 - 1984) who married Luella Steuver (11/28/1894 - 1933) on 11/16/1921.

George S. Dibble (born 10/2/1855)

Sarah Dibble (born 3/2/1858)

Henry J. Dibble (1/26/1860 - 1930), married Luella Pate (1866 - 1937) on 10/14/1885.

Harriet Elizabeth Dibble (9/2/1862 - 11/11/1933), married Loren Driver on 9/5/1883.

John Dibble (born 8/2/1866), married Roda Lostutter on 12/23/1887.

John and Sarah's son Charles Dibble (8/16/1820 - 5/14/1904) married Elizabeth Mary Searcey on 5/25/1845. (Elizabeth was born on 9/16/1827 and lived over a hundred years, to 11/19/1927.) They had no children but took into their home two children--Emaline Hays (now Mrs. John Moore) and Daisy Lamkin (now Mrs. Robert Voght).

The Searcey sisters were probably from the town of Searcey Crossroads in Switzerland County.

John and Sarah's son Silas Dibble (5/5/1816 - 8/23/1898) married Mary Jane Bonnell on 8/30/1840 in Patriot, Switzerland County, Indiana, a town on the Ohio River about two miles east of Searcey Crossroads. (She was the daughter of Moses Bonnell and Polly.) Silas was a flatboatman and settled along the Ohio River in Patriot. He and his boys hauled produce downriver on the flatboats and sold the cargo. They would sell or abandon the boat and hike back home to Patriot for another trip. He lived in Madison, Indiana, some 20 miles west of Patriot, near the Ohio River, just before his death.

Some of the records for the children of Silas Dibble and Mary Bonnell say that they were born or married in "Ohio" or in "Switzerland, Ohio". These are probably confusions of Switzerland and Ohio Counties in Indiana, which were not separate counties until the mid-1840s. These children were:

Mary Ann Dibble (2/14/1841 - 2/21/1887) married Elmer De Hart on 12/9/1860.

Harvey Dibble (11/27/1842 - 8/9/1933) He was born and died in Switzerland County, and married Maria Phipps on 4/9/1869 there.

Helen Elizabeth Dibble (5/31/1847 - 12/13/1907) married William T. Pate on 6/24/1864.

Alonzo Dibble (born 12/29/1848 in Patriot; died 4/29/1943 in Detroit, Michigan) married Mary Lena McHuron, daughter of Alvin McHuron and Elizabeth Hall. A Minnesota Dibble descended from Alonzo's grandfather John, named Willis Dibble, visited Alonzo in Detroit. Alonzo's daughter Lela struck up a correspondence with Willis' brother, Willard Dibble Sr., that lasted until the latter's death.

Sarah Emma Dibble (5/9/1850 - 1/10/1852)

Silas Howe Dibble (12/8/1851 - 4/21/1852)

Willard Dibble (born 3/7/1853) married Anna O'Brien on 3/22/1877.

John Joseph Dibble (1854 - 1/3/1872)

Samuel J. Dibble (born on 6/5/1855 in Patriot, died 2/7/1932) married Amelia Hess on 11/16/1884.

Cairee Dibble (born 10/29/1860) married Martin S. Stodghill on 10/15/1881.

John and Sarah's Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren

The children of the Kansas Dibbles, Henry J. Dibble, Senior's son William H. Dibble and Lucy Kerr, were:

Addie May Dibble (born 10/18/1870)

Harriet Alverteena Dibble (born 1/7/1873)

Elena Elizabeth Dibble (born 9/24/1875)

Mary Alice Dibble (born 5/4/1878)

Stephen Edgar Dibble (born 8/16/1881)

Blanch Margaret Dibble (born 5/12/1883)

William Stanley Dibble (born 8/2/1885)

Averilla Dibble (born 11/10/1888)

The children of Henry J. Senior's son Charles E. Dibble and Luella Cheever (5/25/1854 - 8/15/1925) were:

Harry E. Dibble (the family bible has him as "Henry E. Dibble") (2/19/1874 - 2/5/1944), who lived in Cotton Township, Switzerland County. He married Sarah A. Wallick (3/10/1883 - 9/9/1977), a tall, strong, hardworking farm wife, on 7/20/1902. Their son was James Charles Dibble, who was born 6/7/1918 in Quercus Grove (died 1/17/1995). James Charles married Bernice Maxine Hartman on 8/17/1939.

Charles Ellsworth Dibble (11/5/1875 - autumn 1950), who married Mamie P. Brown (died 10/7/1927) on 3/14/1900. They had one son, Paul Dibble.

Allen Wilbur Dibble (8/8/1878 - 11/1944), who married Eva E. Douglas on 12/15/1901. Their children were Armand Dibble (born 1905), who married Emma Dillinger, and Lorine E. Dibble (born 1912), who married Clarence Gilb.

Mary Harriet Dibble (born 4/28/1881), who married William L. (or possibly S.) Barker on 12/3/1899. Their children were Wilma Dibble Byram and Lucille Dibble Rief.

Sarah Elizabeth Dibble (born 7/6/1884), who married Jesse B. Taylor on 1/21/1906. Their children were Raymond Taylor, Emma Lou Taylor Higbee and Charles Earl (junior) Taylor.

The children of Henry J. Dibble, Senior's daughter Mary Dibble Ford and Irvin Ford of Oklahoma were:

Oscar Ellsworth Ford (born 9/25/1869)

Albert Edgar Ford (born 10/23/1871)

Ida Evleen Ford (born 12/30/1872)

Harriet Pally Ford (born 10/2/1874)

Stephen Dibble Ford (born 9/10/1876)

Lilian Ford (born 4/30/1878)

Daisie Ford (born 7/27/1880)

Melvina Ford (born 5/9/1882)

Clinton Ford (born 12/18/1883)

Louisa Elizabeth Ford (born 12/14/1885)

Jennie E. Ford (born 9/16/1887)

Charles Henry Ford (born 5/6/1891)

Henry J. Dibble, Senior's son George S. Dibble may have been the father of Geneva Dibble (1900 - 1990), who maintained many Dibble records in Rising Sun, Indiana, and her only sibling, Curtis Howard Dibble (1902 - 1916). Both Geneva's father George and her brother Curtis are said to have committed suicide. As a result, some of the Indiana Dibbles believed that depression is a genetic trait of the Dibble family, a hypothesis given some additional weight by the suicide of John and Sarah's son Alonzo.

Silas Dibble's son Harvey Dibble and Maria Phipps had one child, Nina Dibble, who was born in May, 1886 and died in 1980 "in Ohio".

Silas Dibble's son Alonzo, his brother Willard and a neighbor boy ran off to Cincinnati and enlisted in the Navy, even though Alonzo was underage. He acquired a hernia when he slipped on a narrow plank while carrying a sack of coal onto a ship. One day while cruising down the Ohio River, he boasted that he was a good shot with a rifle. One of his shipmates challenged him to a contest. A sailor had spotted a pile of apples on the river bank with a spyglass. He and his shipmates taunted Alonzo about his boast. Alonzo took the rifle and shot the top apple cleanly in two, and said, "I shouldn't have to prove that again!" He later admitted the shot was pure luck.

Alonzo served in the Civil War on the USS Victory 33, a steamboat that was converted into a gunboat, on the Cumberland, Tennessee, Ohio, and Mississippi Rivers. In a letter he wrote to his mother on 9/18/1864, while on the boat, the 15-year-old Alonzo tells a lively story about a sheriff and a stuck-up associate whose head Alonzo would have liked to "kick of". He also discusses the movements of his "fleat"; apparently the military censors didn't catch it or didn't have a problem with it. In a postscript, he mentions something that seemed to be upsetting his mother at the time, possibly about one of his sisters, and offers to do anything he can about it. The letter is profane and chatty, and somewhat illegible. It is now in the possession of an unrelated family that has no recollection of how they obtained it.

Alonzo moved to Chicago in about 1880 and worked for US Steel at 79th. and South Shore Drive. He was a tinner and metal worker. Alonzo always had a pocketful of wintergreen and spearmint candies for the grandchildren. He was a "stalwart member of Grand Army of the Republic", and he marched in the Memorial Day Veterans Parade in Chicago until they were no longer held (1941).

The children of Alonzo Dibble and Mary McHuron were:

Abbie Alice Dibble (born 7/2/1873 in Patriot; died 10/30/1930 in Chicago) married Isaac Newton Cushman on 10/30/1892 in Hamilton (probably Hamilton County), Ohio.

Alvin Matson Dibble (Born 12/11/1874 in "Florence, Switzerland, Ohio". While there is a Florence, Ohio halfway between Dayton and Columbus--and, for that matter, a Florence, Kentucky just a few miles on the other side of the Ohio River from Patriot--this is probably the Florence in Switzerland County, IN, about 5 miles west of Patriot.) He married Edith Brock on 8/2/1900 and died on 2/1/1934.

John Hall Dibble (2/22/1877 - 8/26/1962) married Mary Louise Rich.

Lela Claire Dibble (born 3/16/1885 in Loveland, Hamilton County, Ohio; died 5/12/1975 in Cincinnati) married Ores Farrell Weirich on 6/30/1906. They had one child, Margaret Weirich.

John and Sarah's Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren

James Charles Dibble and his wife Bernice Maxine Hartman inherited the famous Dibble wanderlust. Their children were:

Ann Lynn Dibble (born 5/27/1942 in Louisville, Kentucky), married Joe Thomas Bilbrey (born 6/27/1942) on 10/14/1961.

Linda Jean Dibble (born 5/17/1947 in Crawfordville, Indiana) married Harold Michael McCool (born 8/22/1942) on 6/10/1967.

Kathy Sue Dibble (born 3/2/1950 in Crawfordsville, Indiana) married Arthur Lemuel Wirtz (born 12/12/1949) on 11/27/1971.

In 1967, James and Bernice Dibble along with their daughter Kathy and James' mother Sarah Dibble, moved to Ames, Iowa. James and Bernice moved to Springfield, Ohio prior to his death.

The children of Abbie Dibble and Isaac Cushman were: Helen Lucille Cushman, Martha May Cushman, Joseph Dean Cushman, Edyth Thelma Cushman, Ores Harold Cushman.

John and Sarah's Great and Great-Great Grandchildren

The children of Ann Lynn Dibble and Joe Thomas Bilbrey are:

Tara Lynn Bilbrey (born 9/1/1962 in Springfield, Ohio)

Michele Renee Bilbrey (born 10/11/1965 in Urbana, Ohio) married Phillip Walter on 6/30/1989.

Scott Thomas Bilbrey (born 6/3/1967 in Dayton, Ohio) married Sheila Hopper on 7/18/1987.

The children of Kathy Sue Dibble and Arthur Lemuel Wirtz are:

Kelly Ann Wirtz (born 4/18/1976 in New Mexico)

Adam McLeod Wirtz (born 6/17/1983 in New Mexico)

John and Sarah's Great-Great Grandchildren and Great-Great-Great Grandchildren

The children of Michele Renee Bilbrey and Phillip Walter are:

Nicole Elise Walter (born 8/16/1989)

Leslie Jeanette Walter (born 12/14/1990)

Phillip Walter (born 4/19/1993)

Elizabeth Renee Walter (born 2/7/1996)

Still unaccounted for are potential family members Rufus B. Dibble (3/10/1848 - 11/9/1922), Karl J. Dibble (11/20/1890 - 5/2/1916), and Hugh M. Dibble (whose gravestone bears just one date--2/24/1850--which may be either a birth or death date).

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