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September 3, 2022:

September dates added. Links to months added.

August 27, 2022:

The idea here is to provide a list of events, ordered by month and then by date, that happened to all of the Dibble and related family members who appear on this website.

This is my first pass on the project. I wanted to get an August list up by the end of this month. I'll work on the other months in chronological order, beginning with September, over time.

At this point I haven't tried to include all of the dated events from the website. I've included births, marriages, deaths and a few other notable events, somewhat arbitarily chosen. I've only included events for which I have a firm full date; events for which I only have a month or a year are excluded at this time. Also, events with disputed dates are omitted until I figure out a way to present them. Once I have a full year of those events, I may expand to include others.

This is likely not complete, even with reference to information that I have in my files. For the first pass I got most of these events by searching the actual web pages for the names of the months. Since the intent is to include people and events that appear on those pages, once I have a full-year list I probably won't add more information until I update those pages.

As a result of that decision, there are likely errors here as well. Again, in some cases I've collected corrections that I haven't yet applied to the pages. That will happen eventually, and this page will be corrected then.

The list assumes the reader has some notion of who in the heck these people are. Depending on which families you are closest to, your experience will vary in that regard. You can always search the narrative pages to find these names. At some point I might try to add some clues as to relationships here, but trying to settle on a schema for that is harder than it may seem.


b - born
bp - baptized
d - died
m - married
div - divorced



Aug 1

John Dibble d Aug 1 1840 in Jefferson County IN
Agnes Cichy b Aug 1 1884
Ida Morud m Elof Allrick Erickson Aug 1 1936 in MN

Aug 2

Samuel Dibble b Aug 2 1764 Stamford CT
John Dibble b Aug 2 1866
Andrew Erickson b Aug 2 1875 in Falu Ian Sweden
Alvin Dibble m Edith Whittier Brock Aug 2 1900 in Loveland OH
George Elmer Wilson d Aug 2 1940

Aug 3

Brittie Hancock b Aug 3 1865
Barbara Cichy b Aug 3 1872
Havey Dibble d Aug 3 1933 in Switzerland County IN
Margaret Eleanor Constance Halden m Henry Elmer Rasmussen Aug 3 1935 in Fergus Falls MN
Jessie Louise Aslakson m Albert Woodrow Wold Aug 3 1938
Bonita "Bonnie" Louise Gatz b Aug 3 1943 Winona MN
Andrew "Drew" Dibble m Haewon ("Grace") Baek Aug 3 2014 in Oakland CA

Aug 4

Julian Halden b Aug 4 1919 in Saskatchewan Canada
Carl Kvern discharged from US army Aug 4 1919
Helga Sophia Kvern m Clarence Stanley Aug 4 1938 in Sisseton Roberts County SD
David Orzechowski m Linda Mae Sauerer Aug 4 1993

Aug 5

Archie Richard Dibble returns home from the US Army Aug 5 1919
Jean Alonzo Curran m Frances Rose Aug 5 1923 in Salisbury CT

Aug 7

Jonathan Dibble Jr d Aug 7 1877 Cannon Falls MN
Frank Oljefski b Aug 7 1924

Aug 8

Harvey Dibble mustered out of US Army Aug 8 1864
Jonathan Dibble Jr d Aug 8 1877
Wilbur/Allen Wilbur Dibble b Aug 8 1878
Manda Olida Vollum b Aug 8 1889
Henry Elmer Rasmussen b Aug 8 1898
Clarence Casper Johnson b Aug 8 1904 Bay City WI
Cora Alice Richardson m Peter Frank Amerhein Aug 8 1920 in New York City

Aug 10

Oscar C Patterson b Aug 10 1887 in NE
Willis Edward Dibble m Gertrude Von Boos Aug 10 1927 Shaker Heights Cuyahoga County OH
Edward Frank Ambrose b Aug 10 1940 Winona MN

Aug 11

Daniel Smith Dibble m Isabelle Sanders Aug 11 1891 WI
Jean S Dibble b Aug 11 1892
Ida Morud b Aug 11 1912 in or near Warren MN
Edward Raymond Stafford b Aug 11 1918 in Berlin NH
Terry Roxy Galvin b Aug 11 1942 in Portland OR

Aug 12

Daniel Smith b Aug 12 1807 in Dutchess County NY
Sarah Elizabeth Dibble Powell d Aug 12 1853 in Switzerland County IN
Marvin Bryant Galvin b Aug 12 1917
Brittie Hancock Dibble d Aug 12 1942

Aug 14

Susan Lamb m Jeffrey Allen Gehrig Aug 14 1982

Aug 15

Karl August Johanson b Aug 15 1867 in Skaraborg County Sweden
Frank Richardson d Aug 15 1921 in Yankton SD
Jane Marie Vanatta b Aug 15 1930

Aug 16

Edgar Stephen Dibble b Aug 16 1881 in KS
Ferdinand Kowitz Sr d Aug 16 1897 in Cannon Falls Goodhue County MN
Eefluda Crook Hine d Aug 16 1915 in Fair Oaks CA
Andrew "Drew" Dibble b Aug 16 1981

Aug 17

George Elmer Wilson b Aug 17 1869
James C. Dibble m Bernice Maxine Hartman Aug 17 1939
Geraldyne Harvey m Herbert J Addison Aug 17 1957 Alameda CA

Aug 18

Mary Ann Craig b Aug 18 1825 in Posey Township Switzerland County IN
John Peter Nicolaisen b Aug 18 1873 in IA
Cora Alice Richardson b Aug 18 1890
Lou Cheever Dibble d Aug 18 1925 in Switzerland County IN
Jessica Dibble m Edmund DeCarlo Aug 18 2012 in Clinton NY

Aug 19

Jeanette Sylvia Orzechowski b Aug 19 1940 in Winona MN

Aug 20

Raymond Rexford Lemmon b Aug 20 1911 in Day County SD

Aug 21

Albert Woodrow Wold b Aug 21 1914 in Bismark ND

Aug 22

Milton Emmons Holmes d Aug 22 1944
Joseph James Duff b Aug 22 1947 Winona MN
Melissa Dee Morud b Aug 22 1961

Aug 23

Robert Deeble signs new church covenant Aug 23 1636
Charles Ahlers Jr b Aug 23 1835 in Germany
Harriett Dibble m William Gibson Aug 23 1837
Betsy Conley d Aug 23 1897 in Rochester MN
Silas Dibble d Aug 23 1898 in IN
Alonzo Ahlers d Aug 24 1923 in Day County SD
Hiram Eldridge Conley m Helen Lois Tommeraas Aug 22 1945 in Northfield MN

Aug 24

Silas Dibble m Mary Jane Bunnel Aug 24 1840 in Switzerland County IN
Halleck Howe b Aug 24 1862
Doris Lucille Conley m Russell M Kraft Aug 24 1921 in Le Seuer MN

Aug 25

Georgia Ellen Ahlers Vanatta m Rudolph Donat Aug 25 1936 in Day County SD
David Allen Dibble b Aug 25 1951 Niskayuna, NY
Dwight Leonard Dibble m Patricia Lynn Siedsma Aug 25 1979 Oneida County NY
Ruth F. Elledge Powell d Aug 25 1988

Aug 26

Robert H Gatz d Aug 26 1969
Myrtle Stenhjem Morud d Aug 26 1970

Aug 27

Johann Christoph Mack b Aug 27 1837 in Wertheim Baden (now Germany)
Mary, wife of Edward Jason Dibble, d Aug 27 1872 in Bates County MO

Aug 28

William Gibson b Aug 28 1801 in New York City
Alonzo Dibble m Rebecca Chapman Aug 28 1870
Sarah Dibble m Hiram Eldridge ("Dr. Ed") Conley Aug 28 1884 in Cannon Falls Goodhue County MN
Glee Doris Dibble underwent surgery Aug 28 1907 in Rochester MN
Rose Augusta Adamczyk b Aug 28 1909 Superior Douglas County WI
Carl Kvern travels overseas to fight in World War I Aug 28 1918
Alonzo Ahlers d Aug 28 1923 Cook County IL
Anton Mathias Cichy d Aug 28 1926 in Brandon Township Douglas County MN
Harriet H Ahlers m Frank C/O Houdlett Aug 28 1931 in Portsmouth NY
Vincent (Waclaw) Orzechowski m Sylvia Thilmany Aug 28 1933 in Winona MN
Jeffrey Allen Gehrig b Aug 28 1958

Aug 29

Israel Dibble b Aug 29 1637
Margaret L Pederson b Aug 29 1893 in Christiana Norway

Aug 30

Jonathan Dibble m Sarah Cornelia Smith Aug 30 1874
Hannah Johnson b Aug 30 1875 in Welch Township Goodhue County MN
George Alexander Wilson b Aug 30 1901
Rose Augusta Adamczyk b Aug 28 1909 in Superior WI
Elaine Kvern b Aug 30 1927
Joanne Lavina Morud m Larry Dale Rogers Aug 30 1957

Aug 31

Benjamin John Gorton b Aug 31 1879 in Rochester MN
Linda Renee Morud b Aug 31 1964


Sep 1

Richard "Dick" Dibble and Daniel Smith Dibble dissolve the Dibble Brothers partnership Sep 1 1916 in Cannon Falls Goodhue County MN
Ruth Lucile Conley m Arthur MacGregor Sep 1 1923 in Detroit Wayne County MI
Adolf Hitler invades Poland Sep 1 1939

Sep 2

Harriet Elizabeth "Lizzie" Dibble b Sep 2 1862
Harriet "Hattie" Polly Ford b Sep 2 1874 in IN
World War II ends Sep 2 1945

Sep 3

Thomas Dibble Jr b Sep 3 1647
Wendell Edgar Philbrook b Sep 3 1906 in Webster Day County SD
Gordon Paul Walstrom b Sep 3 1913 in Minneapolis MN

Sep 4

Appolinia Cichy b Sep 4 1882
Mearl William Johnson b Sep 4 1897
Mary Halden d Sep 5 1928 in Kalispell MT

Sep 5

Harriet Elizabeth "Lizzie" Dibble m Loren Driver Sep 5, 1883

Sep 6

Edward R Wilson m Edith M Kowitz Sep 6 1893 in Cannon Falls, Goodhue County MN
George Kowitz m Alma Johnson Sep 6 1900 in LaCrosse WI

Sep 7

George Dibble Ingersoll b Sep 7 1812
Mabel Morud b Sep 7 1901 in Warren MN

Sep 8

Ella Coplin Dibble d Sep 8 1893 in Red Wing Goodhue County MN

Sep 9

Christian Amundson b Sep 9 1868 in Norway
Sven Aslakson "Odegaard" b Sep 9 1918 in Vinge, Telemark, Norway
Gay Ardes Wilson b Sep 9 1935 in Goodhue County MN
Charnell ? Morud b Sep 9 1965

Sep 10

Osee Matson Hall b Sep 10 1847 in Conneaut OH
Stephen Dibble Ford b Sep 10 1876 in IN
Vera E. Kowitz b Sep 10 1903

Sep 11

Laura Scranton Howe d Sep 11 1840
Albert Coplin d Sep 11 1864
Alonzo Theodore Conley d Sep 11 1920 in Goodhue County MN
Marcine Cichy b Sep 11 1923 Douglas County MN
Hattie Belle Coplin Colby d Sep 11 1937 in Los Angeles CA
Megan Kimberly Skiba b Sep 11 1986

Sep 12

Raymond Pederson b Sep 12 1901 in Minneapolis MN
Archie Richard Dibble first sees military action Sep 12 1918 near Thiaucourt France

Sep 13

George Dibble m Mary Monroe Sep 13 1838 in Switzerland County IN
Ferdinand Julius Kowitz m Caroline Granke Sep 13 1864 in LaCrosse WI
Roy Charles Mills b Sep 13 1880 in Belleville KS
Cora Rose Hanson b Sept 13 1890 in SD
Douglas Ogden Corpron b Sep 13 1928 in Burlington VT

Sep 14

Selma Pauline Kvern m Carl Lawrence Muchow Sep 14 in Fergus Falls Otter Tail County MN

Sep 15

Benjamin Chapman m Hannah Sep 15 1818 in NH
Albert Nelson Wold b Sep 15 1888 in Cummings, Traill County ND
Emma L. Conley b Sep 15 1890 in Cannon Falls Goodhue County MN
John W. Dibble d Sep 15 1905
Olga "Ollie" Morud b Sep 15 1908 in Warren MN
Irene Lavonne Halden b Sep 15 1914 in Big Sandy MT
Stephan "Steve Orzechowski" changes his "legal" surname from "Flakiewicz" to "Orzechowski" Sep 15 1941

Sep 16

Thomas Dibble b Sep 16 1670
Elizabeth M. Searcy Dibble b Sep 16 1827
Mira V. Conley b Sep 16 1885 in Waterville MN
Jennie E. Ford b Sep 16 1887 in Harvey County KS
Angeline Orzechowski Johnson d Sep 16 1956 in Bay City Pierce County WI

Sep 17

Jacob A. Powell b Sep 17 1820 in Indiana
Alonzo Dibble m Mary Lena McHuraon Sep 17 1872 in Switzerland County IN
Anton Cichy b Sep 17 1888
Ruth F. Elledge b Sep 17 1903
Ella Agnes "Aggie" Johnson b Sep 17 1906 in MN
Faye Bertha Kowitz m Orford Willard Prisk Sep 17 1927 in Houston MN
Ann Louise Wold b Sep 17 1940 in Minneapolis MN
Ronald Eugene Morud m Sue Anne Purdy Sep 17 1960

Sep 18

William Sanders m Emma Adelia Ellsworth Sep 18 1878 in Douglas County MN

Sep 19

Constantine Cichy b Sep 19 1837 in West Prussia
Joseph Cichy b Sep 19 1880
Peter John Nicolaisen m Ida Edith Pfister Sep 19 1944 in Davison County SD
Ruth Angeline Dibble b Sep 19 2006

Sep 20

Benjamin Chapman b Sep 20 1796

Sep 21

George Dibble "Jr" b Sep 21 1843
Myrtle Stehjem b Sep 21 1899 in ND
Beverly Yvonne Morud Schultz d Sep 21 1977

Sep 22

Alonzo Dibble b Sep 22 1855 in Goodhue County MN
Charles P Hall b Sep 22 1875 in Red Wing Goodhue County MN
John Dibble d Sep 22 1893
John Henry "Jack" Tabbert b Sep 22 1923 in LaCross WI
Douglas Paul Morud m Charnell ? Sep 22 1985

Sep 23

Paul David Engstrom b Sep 23 1932 in Clarkson WA

Sep 24

Elena E. Dibble b Sep 24 1875
Donald Shugart Dreher b Sep 24 1913 in Nevada Township Story County IA
Roberta Josephine Ahlers b Sep 24 1914 in Cleveland ND
Alice M. Dibble Richardson d Sep 24 1942 in SD

Sep 25

Elizabeth Hinsdale Dibble d Sep 25 1689
Oscar Ellsworth Ford b Sep 25 1869
Cora Coplin d Sep 25 1870
Sarah Cornelia Smith Dibble d Sep 25 1891 in Red Wing Goodhue County MN
Laura Kvern b Sep 25 1908 Fergus Falls Township Otter Tail County MN

Sep 26

Ebenezer Dibble bp Sep 26 1641
Richard "Dick" Dibble m Bertha Kowitz Sep 26 1894 in Red Wing Goodhue County MN
Sidney Ernest Johnson Jr b Sep 26 1937 in Red Wing Goodhue County MN
Duane Smith b Sep 26 1951

Sep 28

Warren George Frederick Patterson b Sep 28 1921 in LaCrosse WI

Sep 29

Mathias Halden m Mina Mikkelson Brotten Sep 29 1877 in MN
Betty Jane Johnson b Sep 29 1929 in WI

Sep 30

Anna Kvern Halden d Sep 30 1890 in Otter Tail County MN
Harriet Ida Patrias b Sep 30 1896 in Holdingford Stearns County MN
Herman Kowitz d Sep 30 1918 in Forsyth MT
Russell D. Patterson b Sept 30 1923 in Woodbury County IA
Linda Morud m Steven Wolfe Sep 30 1995


Oct 1

Leonard Morud b Oct 1 1897 in Warren MN
Alonzo Sidney Ahlers b Oct 1 1933 in Day County SD

Oct 2

George S. Dibble b Oct 2 1855 in Switzerland County IN
Johann Christoph Mack d Oct 2 1878
Hilda "Heidi" Morud b Oct 2 1910 in Warren MN

Oct 3

Mary Amanda Dibble m Marcus Lewis Powell Oct 3 1880
Edith C Quam b Oct 3 1894 in Vining Otter Tail County MN
Archie Dibble wounded by shrapnel north of Somme-Py, France Oct 3 1918
John Theodore Wold b Oct 3 1942 in Minneapolis MN

Oct 4

Roberta Josephine Ahlers m Raymond Rexford Lemmon Oct 4 1934 in Roslyn Day County SD

Oct 5

Sylvanus Howe m Sarah A Scranton Oct 5 1828
Franklin Robert Ahlers b Oct 5 1911 in Cleveland ND
Emma Louisa Halden m Clyde Franklin Knotts Oct 5 1915 in Great Falls MT
Arne Kvern d Oct 5 1915 in Fergus Falls Otter Tail County MN
Norris Halden b Oct 5 1920 in Big Sandy MT
Elaine Morud b Oct 5 1927 in ND

Oct 8

Lars Halden m Anna Kvern Oct 8 1866 in Fillmore County MN
Melvin G Johnson m Mabel C Westerhaug Oct 8 1927 in Fergus Falls Otter Tail County MN
Genevieve Ahlers m Wendell Edgar Philbrook Oct 8 1930 in Webster Day County SD
Nancy Marie Ambrose b Oct 8 1945 in Winona Winona County MN

Oct 9

Jared Coplin b Oct 9 1796 in or near Cayuga County NY
Elof Allrick Erickson b Oct 9 1905 near East Grand Forks MN
Janet Helena Engstrom b Oct 9 1915 in Hills Rock County MN
Julius Ahlers d Oct 9 1919 in Ada MN

Oct 10

Sylvanus Howe b Oct 10 1804
John Wilson m Susan Margaret Poe Oct 10 1865 in Cannon Falls Goodhue County MN
Karl August "Carl A" Johnson m Alma Josephine Ottason Oct 10 1894 in Goodhue County MN

Oct 11

Sarah Dibble b Oct 11 1737 in Stamford CT
Jacob Abylott Powell b Oct 11 1772 in England
Minnesota "Minnie" Dibble m Harvin C Penney Oct 11 1886 in Cannon Falls Goodhue County MN
Blanche Dibble m Ross Everett Ward Oct 11 1908
Archie Dibble broke his elbow in a roadcart accident Oct 11 1912 in Goodhue County MN
Richard Allen Bankhead b Oct 11 1953

Oct 12

Helga "Sophia" Kvern b Oct 12 1912 in Otter Tail County MN
Gerald Smith b Oct 12 1953

Oct 13

Henry J Dibble Jr m Louella "Lou" Pate Oct 13 1885 in IN
Albert Ford d Oct 13 1968
Alma Josephine Ottason b Oct 13 1875 in Goodhue County MN

Oct 15

Norman Lawrence Muchow b Oct 15 1938 in Otter Tail County MN
Tony Dibble d Oct 15 1972

Oct 16

Willard Alonzo Dibble Jr b Oct 16 1918 in Goodhue County MN
Glenn Alva "Bud" Conley b Oct 16 1923 in Goodhue County MN
James Steven Johnson b Oct 16 1944 in Red Wing Goodhue County MN

Oct 17

Thomas Dibble d Oct 17 1700 in Windsor CT
Benjamin Chapman d Oct 17 1871 in Goodhue County MN
William John Crook m Hattie M Hine Oct 17 1895 in Red Wing Goodhue County MN
Peter Halden d Oct 17 1908 in Polk County MN
Larry Clark Hoover b Oct 17 1930 in Tacoma WA
Lon Ahlers Hoover b Oct 17 1930 in Tacoma WA
Duane George Raguse b Oct 17 1931 in Fergus Falls Otter Tail County MN

Oct 18

Charles Ahlers Jr (II) m Caroline Behrend Oct 18 1857 in Goodhue County MN
Addie May Dibble b Oct 18 1870 in IN
Richard "Dick" Dibble thrown out of a vehicle after hitting a stump on Oct 18 1911 in Goodhue County MN
Irvin Ford d Oct 18 1913 in Carrier OK
Daniel Robert Nicolaisen b Oct 18 1920 in Mount Vernon SD
Elaine Alice Knutson b Oct 18 1921 in Graceville Big Stone County MN
Olive "Ollie" Dibble Hall d Oct 19 1937 in Red Wing Goodhue County MN

Oct 20

Abbie Dibble m Isaac N Cushman Oct 20 1892 in Hamilton County OH
Charles Clark Ahlers m Rozella M Alwin Oct 20 1921 in Aberdeen Brown County SD
Eugene Leslie Johnson b Oct 20 1929 in Waukegan IL

Oct 21

Henry J Dibble Sr m Rebecca Jane "Jennie" Powell Oct 21 1884 in Switzerland County IN
Tony Dibble b Oct 21 1889 in MO
Bret Dibble b Oct 21 1987 in IN

Oct 22

John Dibble b Oct 22 1701 in Stamford CT
Nancy Jane "Jennie" Dibble m Joseph Emmit Sturgeon Oct 22 1884 in Switzerland County IN
Opal M Mohn b Oct 22 1919 in Grafton ND
Roger Gordon Kvern b Oct 22 1935 in Otter Tail County MN

Oct 23

Albert Edgar Ford b Oct 23 1871 in IN
Caroline Dibble m Martin Stodghill Oct 23 1881
William "Willie" Stodghill b Oct 23 1882 in Aurora Dearborn County IN
Mabel Jeanett "Janet" Holden b Oct 23 1912 in Kalispell MT
George E Kowitz Jr d Oct 23 1931 in La Crosse WI

Oct 24

Georgia Ellen Ahlers m Glen Leroy Vanatta Oct 24 1928 in Day County SD
Clara/Donna Morud arrested Oct 24 1929 in East St Louis MO
Willard Dibble Sr d Oct 24 1972 in MN

Oct 25

Sylvia Thilmany b Oct 25 1914 in Winona Winona County MN
Leslie A Johnson d Oct 25 1919 in Pierce County WI
Shirley Jean Duncan b Oct 24 1931 in Cass Lake Cass County MN
Richard Scott Dibble b Oct 25 1968 in Hammond Lake County IN
Clayton Morud d Oct 25 1994

Oct 26

Beverly Yvonne Morud m Ross Schultz Oct 26 1956
Stiles Stoughton Harvey d Oct 26 1978

Oct 27

Ebenezer Dibble m Mary Wakefield Oct 27 1663 in New Haven CT
Sophie Orzechowski b Oct 27 1919 in Winona Winona County MN
Cecilia "Celia" Orzechowski m Robert Hentry Gatz Oct 27 1942 in Winona Winona County MN
Kenneth Richard Dibble m Maria Helen Farruggio Oct 27 1979 in NY

Oct 28

Lt. Jonathan Dibble bp Oct 28 1711 in East Hampton, Long Island, NY
Courtney Pearl Ahlers b Oct 23 1888 Webster Day County SD
William George Osgood b Oct 28 1923 in MN
Mary Lena (McHuron) Dibble d Oct 28 1937 in Detroit MI

Oct 29

Caroline "Carrie" Dibble b Oct 29 1860 in Patriot, Switzerland County IN
Einar A Kvern b Oct 29 1900 in Fergus Falls Township Otter Tail County MN
"Black Tuesday" stock market crash in New York City Oct 29 1929
Douglas Paul Morud b Oct 29 1962

Oct 30

Ann Eliza Smith Dibble d Oct 30 1873 in Goodhue County MN
Avarilla Dibble Spangler d Oct 30 1958
Erica Lamb Bankhead b Oct 30 1984

Oct 31

Alice M Dibble b Oct 31 1858 in Goodhue County MN
Barbara Geraldyne Joyce Walstrom b Oct 31 1937 in Hennepin County MN

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